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Jun 18, 2022
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the epicenter of the study, are also clear, going back to the data from the CB Insights study. Walmart, for example, has already launched its first brand of wine (with certain pretensions, moreover, its name plays with the idea of ​​what is select and artisanal for wine professionals) and Target has a home products brand that focuses on in that they are "design" things. The other supermarket chains and retail giants are also betting on organic and select products. One of the food chains, Kroger, sells its white brands in China directly through Alibaba, which is what El Corte Inglés also does in Spain. The white label thus becomes a new business possibility. Your success no longer depends on the price The success of the private label is therefore not only in the price, but also in that they have served to democratize certain niches of consumer products such as cosmetics or organic or that they have managed to expand the offer. In addition, they have managed to renew how consumers see it. It is no longer a question of buying it simply because the budget for the purchase is much better, as explained in an analysis by the EAE Business School, but because opting for it is making the "smartest" purchase decision. The "luxcount" boom, luxury products at affordable prices, is one of the great examples of all this By Writing Article usa phone list COMMERCE Feb 19, 2019 E-commerce continues to gain popularity and consumer confidence in online purchases is increasing One more year, Showroomprive and Confianza Online have collaborated to carry out the \"IV Confianza Online & Showroomprive Study on the Confidence of Spaniards in Buying Fashion Online*\". Tags electronic commerce online trust Online store read later favorites 0 ads UDIMA, Distance University of Madrid Study degrees, official master's degrees online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. In the results of this survey, which analyzes in detail both the online behavior of the Spanish consumer and their degree of reliability with respect to electronic commerce in general, it can be seen how ecommerce continues to gain popularity in Spain and how the confidence of Spaniards in purchases over the Internet. 75.35% of the population declares having bought more than the previous year. Likewise, the incidences have been reduced (73.38% of Spaniards affirm that they have not had any type of problem when buying online during 2018) and consequently, the degree of satisfaction has increased. The most valued thing about online shopping? The possibility of obtaining a better price is the aspect most appreciated by 69.01% of Spaniards.
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