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Color, motion, texture and material all play a role in the uplifting and nostalgic emotional power of David Rosenberg’s art. He routinely bridges abstraction with figuration, conceptualization with repurposing. Through these creations he elevates the audiences’ mood while also leading them down a winding path to ask themselves what the artist says about the past, present and future.

Rosenberg deals with the history of art through abstract painting. Artistically, one finds allusions to Richter, Ruscha and Forg. Alternatively, his repurposing utilizes quotidian objects of wear, brings them out of the closet, elevates their meaning, and displays an ethereal and regal celebration of the connection physical pieces have to time.

Rosenberg’s process reflects his interdisciplinary practice where painting, the application of resin and gold leaf, the sewing of clothes to canvas suggest surgical elements. But they also rejoice in the escape from the confines of precision demanded by his Facial Plastic Surgery career.

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