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Ritu Khatun
Jun 22, 2022
In General Discussions
Another benefit to advertisers is the ease of use, requiring phone number database only a sample headline and description, along with a few images for Google to create the ads. Additionally, these ads take on unique formats across the aforementioned three platforms, introducing a seamless ad experience to buyers. Increased Prevalence of Images in Ads As mentioned in a phone number database previous Merkle blog post, Google also plans to formally release Gallery Ads, a mobile format in testing for months that allows search marketers to include a carousel of images along with text description if they are shown in the top search position. Given the novelty of images in Google search results, these phone number database will be a game changer for mobile advertisers who adopt early. A rollout of images in the top search position also means that advertisers in the second position won’t feature as prominently as they once did, since the gallery will take up more space on the page. B2B, especially in the high phone number database tech sector, is an increasingly crowded and competitive market. Securing a top position in search results with the added visual experience for an audience is a great way to set a brand apart from stiff competition. Performance Planner Another significant release announced phone number database at Google Marketing Live was the Performance Planner, a forecasting tool in Google Ads. This new tool promises to estimate the best spend amounts to drive incremental search conversions. Between phone number database this launch and Search Ads 360, Google’s search workflow and reporting tool, it’s clear that the company has invested heavily in providing advertisers more accurate forecasting abilities.
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Ritu Khatun

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