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nafiche 123
Jun 14, 2022
In General Discussions
A few days ago, I was hungry and I ordered something to eat. I didn’t expect the takeaway brother to deliver the takeaway super quickly. I was quite executive email list moved, so I thought to quickly give the takeaway brother a good comment; click to enter the evaluation When I was on the page, I suddenly thought about it, what is the difference between a executive email list good review and a bad review (of course, I definitely gave a good review in the end haha). After the user evaluates the store, they can enter the evaluation operation area of ​​ Knight. When the user evaluates the takeaway brother as "average" or "superior", the user can post the evaluation; but when the user chooses "very bad", The comment posted in the upper right corner is not clickable. The user needs to select the content in the comment reason below, and the comment can be executive email list posted only after the selection is complete. The reasons for this may be as follows: First of all, when clicking on a positive review, the user can directly publish the review, which is a relatively low-cost operation, and when clicking on a negative review, the user also needs to choose a executive email list reason, which is a more troublesome and costly behavior. Such behavioral design can make users pay more attention and pay attention to the evaluation. After all, the content of bad reviews has a relatively large impact on the income of the delivery boy (a bad review may cause the delivery boy to work for a day); at the same time, it does not It is excluded that there are some operations that the user touches by mistake, executive email list so through such a relatively "troublesome" operation, the user's behavior can be more effectively affected. Secondly, why give bad reviews, this is what the platform wants executive email list to know. Compared with the reasons for positive comments, the reasons for negative comments are the starting point for product design and service improvement related to
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nafiche 123

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